3 Tech Startups Making it Big in Texas

Austin and other cities in Texas have been long heralded for their startup prowess. Learn more about Texas startups below....
3 Tech Startups Making it Big in Texas
Written by Brian Wallace

The purpose of a tech startup is to revolutionize and innovate on technological products or services. Startups can be a slow-burn type of business and might not see success for a long time, making many entrepreneurs and consumers wary. But, states such as Texas provide benefits and opportunities for startups, as Austin has been ranked as one of the best cities in the world for startups in the tech industry. 

With so much potential in Texas, many entrepreneurs have made the move there to try to enter the market and contribute to the growing economy and technological industry. The success of many of these tech startups is inspiring and creates a chain reaction, as countless other small tech-based businesses are being formed in an attempt to follow in the footsteps of those who have seen success. 

As there are many promising and successful tech startups to talk about, here is a breakdown of the 3 most notable tech startups that are making it big in Texas, with exciting ideas and great execution. 


Since the day the startup was established in 2017, Molecula has specialized in analytics and artificial intelligence, combining the two to create something that is useful when it comes to data analysis for businesses. 

One of Molecula’s most well-known products is FeatureBase, a feature that allows businesses to have a single access point for all of their data, allowing accessibility and reusability. Even if a business’s data is scattered throughout different sections, FeatureBase manages to extract all of the data into one space. 

Data analytics and extraction can be a pain for many businesses, Molecula saw this as an opportunity to create something that eases the process of data collection and creates a sense of organization for many businesses, which is why they are still growing to this day. Data will always be a part of any business, especially in the digital age where all data is stored online. Molecula will always have a reason to operate. 


As Texas is seeing massive growth with regards to job opportunities, finding a job in the right industry and hiring the right worker can be overwhelming. Workrise saw this as an opportunity, and so with the help of technology, they have created a system that helps people find jobs and helps businesses hire the right people in industries related to construction, solar, defense, and more. 

Focusing on both workers and businesses looking to hire, Workrise ensures that people will find the perfect opportunity best suited to their skills, with beneficial pay terms and agreements. Likewise, they help businesses find people with the best skills to complete projects and administrative tasks. 

Workrise’s system manages to match projects with the best-suited talent. Their system also streamlines cumbersome management processes such as time sheet management, invoicing, and payments. Operating for almost 8 years now, Workrise is a startup that has made working in Texas that much easier. 


Getting medical tests can be a stressful process and fairly time-consuming depending on where one needs to go. This is where Everywell comes into play. This tech startup entered the market to provide health information to customers from the comfort of their homes. 

By sending test kits related to food sensitivity, metabolism, women’s health, and  more to customers’ houses, Everywell ensures that people can get important tests at home without needing to go to a hospital or any medical institution, which is especially useful during the pandemic. 

These accurate tests are mailed to certified labs where professional physicians will examine them and produce results in no time. Everlywell was designed with efficiency in mind, and this tech startup is one that will continue to age well as time goes on.  

How Are Tech Startups Established?

These 3 are just a few examples of the many successful tech startups that have been established in the state of Texas. In this day and age, there are so many ways for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. 

Limited liability corporations (LLCs) have become increasingly popular in the United States, especially in Texas. This type of business entity is easy to establish and provides benefits associated with personal asset protection, privacy, and flexibility. 

This is one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to establish their very own tech startups. Companies such as TRUiC provide useful information and aid when it comes to LLC establishment, as seen with this suggested resource. 

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