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US Agencies Request the Most User Data From Big Tech, Apple Complies the Most
Americans concerned about their user data falling into the hands of foreign governments may want to look closer to home....
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Samsung Max VPN Collects Your Private Data and Sells It
Users relying on Samsung's Max VPN should look for other options to keep their data private and safe....
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Rural US Hospitals Are Getting Clobbered by Ransomware
Rural US hospitals are losing the fight against ransomware due to limited resources compared to bigger organizations....
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PSA: Disable Wi-Fi Calling, VoLTE on Pixel & Samsung Phones IMMEDIATELY
Google has discovered 0-day vulnerabilities in Samsung's Exynos modems that impact the most recent Pixel and Samsung devices....
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Ransomware Survival 101: Don’t Follow Dish Network’s Playbook
Dish Network customers are still in limbo, with few answers weeks after the company was crippled by ransomware....
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FBI Purchased Americans’ Location Data
The FBI has admitted to buying Americans' location data from advertising companies, raising concerns across the spectrum....
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WhatsApp and Signal Poised to Leave UK Over Encryption Law
United Kingdom users may be out of luck when it comes to messaging clients, with both WhatsApp and Signal prepared to leave....
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Google Includes Free VPN Access With All Google One Accounts
Google is now giving all Google One plans free VPN access and has unveiled a tool to monitor personal data on the dark web....
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Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill Taking Aim at TikTok & Foreign Tech
A bipartisan bill has been introduced to the Senate, one that would take a comprehensive approach to foreign tech....
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Acer Suffers Data Breach, 160GB of Data For Sale Online
Acer has confirmed a massive data breach, one that has resulted in 160GB of data being posted for sale online....
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Verizon Reportedly Suffered a Breach Exposing 7.5M+ Customer Records
Verizon is the largest US carrier, but it appears to have joined T-Mobile in the ranks of those recently suffering a data breach....
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Dish Network Customer Data Stolen in Ransomware Attack
More details have emerged regarding Dish Network's recent outage, including the fact that customer data was stolen in the incident....
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BlackLotus Malware Is the First to Bypass Secure Boot
Computer security became a little more challenging, with the BlackLotus malware becoming the first to bypass Secure Boot....
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NDR: The Next Generation of Cyber Security
Learn more about how and why NDR is the next generation of cyber security in the informative article below....
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National Cyber Strategy Puts Cybersecurity Burden on Big Tech
The White House unveiled its National Cyber Strategy, shifting the burden of providing security from individuals to Big Tech....
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Google Cloud May Be Vulnerable to Unnoticed Data Theft
Google Cloud may be more vulnerable than its competitors to unnoticed data theft, thanks to logs that are not as helpful as they should be....
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Hackers Had Access to News Corp’s Systems For Two Years
News Corp has revealed that a previously acknowledged breach was much worse than originally thought....
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Hackers Reportedly Compromised T-Mobile 100+ Times in 2022
T-Mobile does not have a good reputation when it comes to cybersecurity, and that's about to get a whole lot worse....
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GoDaddy Suffered Multi-Year Breach, Malware Installed On Servers
GoDaddy has informed customers it suffered a multi-year breach, one that involved hackers installing malware on its servers....
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Apple Releases macOS Big Sur Security Update
Apple has released a security update to its Big Sur version of macOS, bringing it to version 11.7.4....
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