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Inflation Is Outpacing IT Spending
A new report is bad news for the IT industry, finding that inflation is outpacing IT spending by a significant margin....
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Ecommerce, Search, Social… and Conversational Space?
When I look at the conversational space I think it's going to have as much impact as ecommerce or search or social, says LivePerson CEO Rob Locascio. ...
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TrenDemon CEO: We Connect Content Marketing to Sales
The CEO of TrenDemon, Avishai Sharon, says that they created their cloud-based software solution in order to help companies prove that the marketing c...
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COVID Accelerated Digital Transformation, Says DocuSign CEO
We have seen significant acceleration since the COVID-19 pandemic, says DocuSign CEO Dan Springer. A significant portion of that (increase) was due to...
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ServiceNow CEO Says Cloud Computing Is Century’s ‘Pervasive Computing Theme’
ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott has called cloud computing the "pervasive computing theme of the 21st century.”...
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Slack Has Already Transformed Salesforce
Slack has already transformed the way we work at Salesforce," says Salesforce Co-CEO Bret Taylor. Not only has Salesforce transformed the way they wor...
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Zoom Launches $100 Million Fund to Stimulate Zoom Apps Ecosystem
Zoom has launched a $100 million fund to help stimulate and grow the app ecosystem surrounding the videoconferencing platform....
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EFF Partners With DuckDuckGo, Adopts Its HTTPS Dataset
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is partnering with DuckDuckGo to include the latter’s HTTPS dataset in its HTTPS Everywhere browser extensi...
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TSMC: Chip Shortages Won’t Ease Until 2023
TSMC has delivered further bad news on the semiconductor shortage, predicting supplies chain tightness won’t completely ease until 2023....
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IBM Acquiring myInvenio to Provide AI-Powered Automation
IBM’s spree of purchases continues, with a deal to acquire myInvenio to help provide AI-powered automation....
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Dell Will Spin-Off VMware in a $9 Billion Deal
Dell has announced plans to spin off VMware as a standalone company, in a deal expected to bring in $9 billion....
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Google’s AppSheet Automation Now Available
Google has made its low-code automation tool, AppSheet Automation, generally available....
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Workday CEO: Digital Transformation To Be Faster Trend Out Of Pandemic
Aneel Bhusri, co-CEO of Workday, discusses how the pandemic will drive digital transformation forward at an even faster pace....
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ServiceNow CEO on “The Whole Point Of Digital Transformation”
Business is really simple, and people are more productive and they're doing things that can lead to growth and opportunity says ServiceNow CEO Bill Mc...
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Snowflake CEO: Once You Get To The Cloud The Lid Is Off
Once you get to the cloud all of a sudden the lid is off says Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman. People can just pursue their backlogs and whatever they ca...
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Mozilla Expands VPN to Mac and Linux – Testing Included
Mozilla has expanded its VPN service to include support for the Mac and Linux platforms....
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Microsoft Azure and AWS Big Cloud Winners Amid Pandemic
As the global pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption, Microsoft Azure and AWS have emerged as the clear winners....
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Bill Gates: Over 50% Of Business Travel To Go Away Permanently
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says that over 50% of business travel and 30% of time in the office will never come back even after pandemic restricti...
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IBM CEO On Hybrid Cloud: Microsoft and Amazon Likely Partners
IBM CEO Arvind Krishna says that Microsoft and Amazon will be partners with IBM on the hybrid cloud via their Red Hat technology platform. ...
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ServiceNow CEO: COVID Accelerated Digital Transformation
Bill McDermott, CEO of ServiceNow, discusses how COVID has exacerbated "broken systems" and has accelerated the digital transformation of companies ar...
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