Top 3 US States Producing Tech Hardware

As technology becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, we need the tech hardware to keep up with everything....
Top 3 US States Producing Tech Hardware
Written by Brian Wallace

As the digital age advances, technology becomes more and more vital to daily operations. This is especially true for businesses around the globe, technological hardware such as computers, tablets, phones, and wireless internet is a necessity. E-commerce and trading online through digital stores and websites are becoming standard because of this, and it shows as the E-commerce market has made billions of dollars in the United States alone.

As the United States is the center of technological development, businesses in the nation are taking advantage of the fact that they have access to some of the best hardware. Here are the top 3 states producing tech hardware that is valuable for those wishing to utilize it in their private and professional lives.


This shouldn’t come as a shock to almost anybody, as Texas is the best place to be for a variety of different business industries. Thanks to the state’s warm environment for businesses and entrepreneurs, it has become the home to many successful small businesses that are pioneering a variety of different industries, from agriculture, and construction, to information technology.

Big-name companies such as Tesla and Dell have made the move to The Lone Star State to benefit from all the advantages with regards to better tax rates, cheaper accommodation and renting costs, and overall better quality of life. Thanks to these industries, the information technology sector has grown tremendously, and it is inspiring entrepreneurs to begin their new business ventures in Texas.

One of the best cities for tech hardware and companies in the state is Austin. Cisco Systems, Qualcomm, AMD, and more are situated in the city, and they make up the heart of the tech hardware industry that supports businesses and the local economy.


Silicon Valley immediately comes to mind when somebody thinks of California. While the state might be known for being a bit difficult on new businesses thanks to the expensive rates, it is still a welcoming environment for startups, especially startups specializing in information technology and technological hardware.

Entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity to start a small business that focuses on tech hardware should consider California, as the state is always developing on the technological front. Countless conventions that promote the newest and best technological developments are held in the state. Other small businesses that also have their roots in IT and tech development help each other and the state towards a better and more profitable end.

For small businesses who are not focusing on information technology, it is still valuable to set up shop in California, as being near great quality tech hardware companies is advantageous for a small business that needs to have a good technological foundation in order to operate in all sectors, online and off, in this day and age.


Georgia is considered to be an amazing state for businesses in America, thanks to the fact that the state has a responsive government that is cooperative, an extremely talented labor force, and work developments and programs that are always growing and evolving.

Entrepreneurs all over are looking at Georgia, as the state has so many possibilities. For those wondering how to start an LLC in Georgia, it is an extremely easy process that requires following a few simple steps. 

Tech hardware is being produced at a large and successful rate in the state of Georgia, and there is a big opportunity for those wishing to start their own tech-based ventures in the state. The mass availability of tech hardware is also beneficial to almost any business operating in the state, they can rest assured they will be keeping up with the times.

Final Thoughts

The United States pushes all of the boundaries when it comes to tech hardware development. Texas, California, and Georgia produce some of the best tech hardware at efficient rates, and they are home to many companies specializing in the technological industry.

If entrepreneurs are looking to start a business based in technology, or they want to establish a business in a state that can cater to technological needs, they can’t go wrong in any one of these states.

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