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Tag: Machine Learning

Battle of the AIs: Walmart Takes on Amazon
Walmart is looking to challenge Amazon using a tool the latter already relies on: artificial intelligence (AI)....
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Linux Foundation Tackles Data Collaboration With Permissive License
The Linux Foundation has announced the CDLA-Permissive-2.0 license agreement to make it easier to share AI and ML data....
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Microsoft Releases OpenAI-Powered Code Completion Tool
Microsoft is leveraging its agreement with OpenAI to radically change the nature of low-code development with its first AI-powered code completion too...
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IBM Brings It’s Quantum System One to Germany
IBM has unveiled its first quantum computer outside the US, bringing the Quantum System One to Germany....
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Rise of Skynet: AI Drones Attack Humans Without Authorization
AI-driven drones appear to have attacked humans without authorization, according to a new report by the U.N....
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Apple Snaps Up Google AI Scientist Who Resigned Over Handling of AI Team
Apple has scored a big win, hiring Samy Bengio after he resigned from Google following the firing of Google’s AI ethics team leaders....
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FTC: Make Sure Your AI Algorithms Are Unbiased…Or Else
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has sent a stark warning for companies to ensure their AI algorithms are unbiased...or else....
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Google Open Sources Lyra Audio Codec
Google has announced it is open sourcing its Lyra audio codec, a codec that uses machine learning to compress the audio and preserve quality....
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Amazon Lookout for Metrics Now Available
Amazon has made Lookout for Metrics available to all its customers, providing a way to monitor and diagnose business anomalies....
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Adobe Photoshop Uses AI to Increase Image Pixels by Four Times
Adobe is bringing Super Resolution to Photoshop, using artificial intelligence to increase an image’s pixels by four times....
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Microsoft and HPE Partner to Deliver AI and Edge Computing to Space
Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have partnered to bring AI and edge computing to the International Space Station (ISS)....
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AI May Improve Smart Speakers by Detecting Voice Direction
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created a machine learning model to detect the direction of an incoming voice....
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More Evidence Apple Is Working On Its Own Search Engine
More evidence would suggest that Apple is working on its own search engine to help challenge Google’s dominance....
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Microsoft Unlocks Power Of 5G For Telecommunications
Jason Zander of Microsoft Azure, announces new collaborations with the telecommunications industry that will unlock the power of 5G....
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Xanadu Releases Photonic Quantum Cloud
Xanadu has released their photonics quantum computing platform, planning to double its power every six months....
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AI Company Leaks 2.5 Million Medical Records
Cense AI has inadvertently leaked 2.5 million detailed medical records of auto accident victims....
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Google Uses Machine Learning to Decipher Hieroglyphs
Google has unveiled Fabricius, a tool that uses machine learning to decipher and translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs....
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Verizon Chooses Google Cloud Contact Center AI
Google Cloud has scored a major win as Verizon has chosen its Contact Center AI to help power its customer service experience....
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Google and NVIDIA Partner to Bring A100 to the Cloud
Google Cloud has become the first cloud provider to offer NVIDIA’s new A100 Tensor Core GPU....
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MIT Removes AI Training Dataset Over Racist Concerns
MIT has removed a massive dataset after finding it contained racist, misogynistic terms and offensive images....
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