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Lyft Prepares for ‘Probable Recession’ by Laying Off 13% of Staff
Lyft joins the long list of companies laying off employees in preparation for what it calls a "probable recession."...
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Lyft Media Launches to Help Brands Engage With Travelers
Lyft — the popular ride-sharing service — has launched Lyft Media, a media and advertising platform....
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There Is No Change Coming To Lyft, Says Co-Founder – Despite Ruling
Lyft co-founderJohn Zimmer is extremely confident the court ruling that found California Proposition 22 unconstitutional will be overturned on appeal....
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Judge Rules California Prop. 22 ‘Unconstitutional’
Uber, Lyft and other ride-share and gig economy companies were dealt a major blow, with a judge ruling Prop. 22 is “unconstitutional.”...
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Toyota Acquiring Lyft’s Self-Driving Division
Lyft has announced Toyota subsidiary Woven Planet is acquiring its self-driving division, Level 5....
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Congress Out To Kill Uber and the Entire Gig Economy Again
Democrats, in a political payoff to unions, have again introduced legislation in Congress to effectively make gig economy jobs like Uber, Lyft, DoorDa...
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Motional Taps Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 For Next-Gen Robotaxi
Driverless tech company Motional has announced it will use Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 for its robotaxi deal with Lyft....
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Lyft Hopes To Finally End ‘Living Under a Cloud’
We want to make sure there's clarity and certainty in this industry so that it's not living under a cloud." says Lyft's Chief Policy Officer Anthony F...
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Uber and Lyft Prevail In California Proposition 22 Fight
California’s Proposition 22 is poised to pass, securing the current business model for gig economy companies....
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Uber and Lyft Lose Appeal, Must Make Drivers Employees
Uber and Lyft have been dealt a major blow, as an appellate court has ruled the injunction against them was appropriate....
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Lyft Co-Founder Says Rides Are Still Down 50%
John Zimmer, co-founder and President of Lyft, discusses the impact of the pandemic on Lyft, noting that daily rides are still down by half since Marc...
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Ultimate Solution For Uber and Lyft Is Autonomy
Gene Munster discusses how California in forcing drivers to be employees may ultimately speed up the efforts of Uber and Lyft to go fully self-driving...
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California Law Kills Uber and Lyft And The Entire Gig Economy
The law will ban hundreds of different professions and especially the hundreds of thousands of jobs created by the gig economy over the last decade....
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Lyft May Shutdown In California
Lyft is warning it may join Uber in shuttering operations in California following a preliminary injunction classifying its drivers as employees....
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Lyft Begins Testing Autonomous Cars On Public Roads Again
Lyft has begun testing its autonomous vehicles on California roads again....
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Uber Letting Drivers Change Rates For Some California Fares
In an effort to comply with a new California law that would make “gig-economy” workers employees, Uber is experimenting with letting drivers raise...
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Judge Sides With Uber & Lyft in NYC Cruising Cap Case
According to Reuters, a judge has struck down a NYC rule “limiting how much time drivers for ride-hailing services can spend cruising streets in bus...
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Uber Sues LA Department of Transportation Over Electric Scooter Data, Cites Privacy Concerns
According to a report by The Verge, Uber has said it will not share real-time electric scooter data with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation ...
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After 30,000 Driverless Lyft Rides Consumers Rate it Almost Perfect
After 30,000 real-world driverless Lyft test rides in Las Vegas consumers have rated it an amazing 4.95 Out of 5 says Lyft’s Chief Strategy Officer ...
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The Best Companies Have Very Bright Futures
The best companies have very bright futures says tech investor Geoff Lewis. He says that the way he always thinks about private company valuations i...
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