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Tag: Healthcare

How Health Insurance Card Scan Trends Are Evolving
Learn more about how health insurance card scan trends are evolving in the article and visual deep dive below....
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Why is Data Analytics in Healthcare so Important?
Why is data analytics in healthcare so important? Read on below to understand the factors in today's marketplace....
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Biden Executive Order to Target Increased Competition
President Joe Biden is signing an executive order aimed at increasing competition in the US market....
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Microsoft Acquiring AI Firm Nuance
Microsoft is acquiring Nuance in a deal worth some $19.7 billion, Microsoft’s second-largest acquisition, in a bid for the healthcare cloud market....
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Contactless Check in: The Solution to Payment Problems In Healthcare
Payments in healthcare have always been disconnected.  During COVID-19, collecting payments and going to the doctor has become increasingly compl...
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Healthcare Messaging and the Future of Care
Technology has literally transformed the way we talk to people. Even you, as you read the words that the author has typed, are reading words that have...
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Healthcare Job Trends of the Future
Healthcare jobs are having a moment during this time of pandemic. What are the heathcare jobs people should be paying attention to for 2021? ...
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Walmart Partners With Zipline For Drone Delivery
Walmart has partnered with Zipline to deliver health-related products directly to customers. The new service will make on-demand deliveries of select ...
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There Is No Aspect of Healthcare That Is Not Being Transformed Digitally, Says AMA Chief Experience Officer
“A lot of times it's better to think about (digital transformation) in retrospect after you've gotten something done, but the digital platform is es...
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Google Health Now Has 500 Employees
According to the report, the new team is headquartered in Palo Alto offices that were formerly used by the Nest team. The team is led by David Feinber...
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Google Faces Government Scrutiny Over “Project Nightingale” and Patient Privacy
On the heels of news that Google has partnered with Ascension to collect data on millions of American patients, CBS News is reporting that government ...
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CynergisTek Acquires Backbone Enterprises to Consolidate Its Position As a Leader In Cybersecurity
CynergisTek, Inc. has announced its acquisition of Backbone Enterprises, Inc. (DBA Backbone Consultants), a leading provider of IT risk advisory servi...
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How WEX Has Dramatically Diversified Its Payment Solutions
“Over the last several years in the company's history we've diversified the business so that we have less and less exposure to fuel,” says WEX CEO...
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AI and Robotics Are Fundamentally Changing Healthcare
AI, machine learning, and robotics are fundamentally changing healthcare, says Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky. “One of the most exciting parts of...
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Technology’s Impact On Our Understanding of the Brain
This post brought to you by HP Matter. The content and opinions expressed below are that of WebProNews. These days, massive technological shifts – d...
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Medicare Part D: Lower Deductibles Might Not Save Money
With Medicare prices rising and U.S. prescription drug prices still safe from government bargaining, it’s understandable that seniors might be s...
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Facebook May Soon Wade into Healthcare
When I say preventative care applications and health support communities, you say … Facebook? Facebook, eternal tracker of all things you, is pl...
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Long-Term Care Needs Improvement For Dementia Patients, Shows Study
The baby boomer generation is now aging, a situation that is bringing with it a new set of challenges for the U.S. This demographic shift is being mos...
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Megyn Kelly Holds No Punches; Now No. 1 News Show
For the past 150 consecutive months, Fox News has ruled the ratings roost, being the most watched news program on cable television. For the grand majo...
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Health Insurance: Obamacare Costs Lower Than Expected
One of the largest criticisms of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as “Obamacare“) is that the program is simply too expensive. Law...
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