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Tag: Elon Musk

Meta May Build a Twitter Alternative
Meta may be looking to build a Twitter alternative, taking advantage of the turmoil surrounding the company since Elon Musk's takeover....
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VC Keith Rabois: Tech Layoffs Result of ‘Vanity Hiring’
Venture capitalist Keith Rabois has harsh words for Silicon Valley, saying the recent layoffs resulted from a "vanity metric" of hiring....
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Twitter Experiences More Outages
Perhaps laying off a large portion of Twitter's technical staff wasn't such a good idea, with the platform experience yet another outage....
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Marc Benioff Thinks More Tech CEOs Will Copy Elon Musk
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has some good — or bad — news, depending on whether or not you're a fan of Elon Musk....
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Twitter Payments Head Esther Crawford Has Been Laid Off
The carnage at Twitter continues, with Twitter Payments head Esther Crawford laid off, along with most of her team....
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Deadbeat Company? Twitter Faces New Lawsuit for Unpaid Bill
Twitter has defaulted on another bill, this time for Innisfree M&A Incorporated, the company that advised it during Elon Musk's purchase....
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Twitter Is Killing Its Free API, Will Charge Devs February 9
Twitter's controversial decisions under owner Elon Musk just keep on coming, with the platform killing off its free developer API....
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Twitter API Changes Kill Twitterrific
The Iconfactory has announced it is discontinuing Twitterrific following a Twitter API change that killed the app....
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Elon Musk Now Holds World Record for Most Money Lost
Elon Musk has the dubious distinction of having lost more money than any human being, even holding a Guinness World Record....
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Twitter Ad Engineers Get the Axe
Twitter ad engineers are the latest to be laid off, an odd choice given Elon Musk's determination to improve ad revenue....
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California Landlord Sues Twitter for Not Paying Rent
California Property Trust is suing Twitter for $136,250, saying the company has stopped honoring its rental agreement....
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Twitter Goes Down, Musk Says ‘Works for Me’
Twitter experienced its first major outage since Elon Musk's takeover of the company, although the new CEO did little to reassure users....
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Elon Musk Will Resign As Twitter CEO
Following a poll in which he asked users if he should resign as CEO, Musk has said he will abide by the results and resign....
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Tesla May Be the Reason for Musk’s Twitter CEO Poll
In the wake of a poll where Elon Musk asked if he should resign as Twitter CEO, some are speculating that Tesla is the reason....
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Elon Musk Poll Asks If Users Want Him to Resign As Twitter CEO
Elon Musk has posted a poll, and promised to abide by the results, asking if users want him to resign as Twitter CEO....
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Tesla Sharehold Calls for New CEO, Says ‘Elon Abandoned Tesla’
A major Tesla shareholder is calling for a new CEO, saying Elon Musk has "abandoned Tesla" over his obsession with Twitter....
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Free Speech Friend or Foe? Musk’s Twitter Bans Journalists & Competitor
Elon Musk is showing he doesn't care about free speech as much as he claims, with Twitter banning critical journalists and links to competitor Mastodo...
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Musk: Apple Threatening ‘to Withhold Twitter From the App Store’
Musk may be one step closer to launching his own iPhone competitor, saying Apple has “threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store.”...
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Twitter Exec Fights Back, Gets Court Injunction Against Being Fired
At least one Twitter exec isn't accepting Musk's ultimatum to commit to an "extremely hardcore" environment or quit, not without a fight....
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Elon Musk’s Next Business Could Be An iPhone Competitor
Elon Musk is already eyeing his next business, threatening to make an iPhone and Android competitor if Twitter is removed from app stores....
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