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Tag: coronavirus

Unvaccinated COVID Patients Will Pay Their Own Bills In Singapore
The Singapore government is tired of footing the bill for unvaccinated COVID-19 patients, and will soon force them to pay their own medical bills....
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Goodbye Nasal Swab: AI Can Diagnose COVID-19 by Listening to Coughs
Brain-poking nasal swabs may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a team of scientists that have trained AI to recognize COVID by listening to cough...
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Deutsche Telekom Bidding on EU Vaccination Passport
T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom has submitted a bid to create a digital vaccination passport for the EU....
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FDA: COVID Vaccine Variants Won’t Need Lengthy Testing
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has indicated that updates to COVID vaccines aimed at virus variants will not need lengthy testing....
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Homeland Security Investing Fake N95 Mask Scam
As if the pandemic is not bad enough, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is investigating a scam involving fake N95 masks....
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Remote Work IT Spending Will Hit $332.9 Billion In 2021
Gartner is predicting companies will spend some $332.9 billion on remote work IT in 2021 as the digital transformation continues....
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Smartwatches Can Serve As Early Coronavirus Detection
Smartwatches can do much more than count steps, with research showing they can detect coronavirus infections days before diagnosis....
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29% of Professionals Will Quit Instead of Returning to Office
Amid a global pandemic, remote work has become so popular that 29% of professionals will quit rather than return to the office....
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Coronavirus Relief Package Includes $7 Billion For Broadband
The upcoming coronavirus relief package Congress has been working on includes $7 billion for broadband at a time when it’s needed most....
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COVID-19 Continues to Reshape Advertising
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a report demonstrating how much COVID-19 has impacted advertising....
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76% of US CEOs Plan On Shrinking Office Space Due to Remote Work
Some 76% of US CEOs plan on reducing their office space footprint as a result of the ongoing transition to remote work amid the pandemic....
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Amazon Extends Remote Work As COVID-19 Goes Out of Control
Amazon is the latest company to extend work from home policies amid a resurgence of COVID-19....
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Microsoft Extends Remote Work Till July 2021
Microsoft has once again pushed back its timetable for returning to the office, saying remote work will continue till July 2021 at the earliest....
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Microsoft Making Remote Work a Permanent Option
Microsoft is joining the list of companies that is making remote work a permanent part of its corporate culture....
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Businesses Being Reimagined In A World That Is Now Entirely Digital
How do you reimagine yourself in the context of a world that now is entirely digital? Customers are thinking very actively about how they actually cre...
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Zoom Has Transformed Into a Consumer Platform, Says CFO
The (COVID-19 crisis) has really transformed what used to be a business platform primarily used for enterprises to now be used for all kinds of new co...
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Stripe Will Pay Employees $20,000 to Relocate
As companies look to save money, thanks to remote workers, Stripe is offering to pay employees $20,000 to relocate....
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Zoom Reports Quarterly Results, Smashes Expectations
Zoom reported its quarterly results, smashing expectations as the company’s revenue was up 355% year-over-year....
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Mozilla Laying Off 250 Employees Due to Coronavirus
Mozilla has announced it is laying off approximately 250 employees, as a result of the effect of the pandemic on the company’s revenue....
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Pandemic Leads to Major Growth For Zillow
The coronavirus pandemic has led to a stellar quarter for Zillow, as potential homebuyers looked online....
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