Sergey Brin Is A Pretty Good Photographer

Google co-founder Sergey Brin is all about some photography, and has used this enthusiasm to market products like Google+ and Google Glass, both of which were major elements of the Google+ Photographe...
Sergey Brin Is A Pretty Good Photographer
Written by Chris Crum

Google co-founder Sergey Brin is all about some photography, and has used this enthusiasm to market products like Google+ and Google Glass, both of which were major elements of the Google+ Photographer’s conference, where Brin led a photowalk with attendees.

In fact, it’s hard to catch a glimpse of Brin these days, where he’s not wearing his Glass. He was even spotted wearing the device at the signing of the California law that makes Google’s driverless cars street legal in the state.

Brin has posted photos he’s taken with Glass to his Google+ account in the past. This morning he posted the following:

Sergey Brin

If Hitchcock's movie scared you, don't be afraid.  Frigate birds are harmless except of course for the occasional dropping.  Nonetheless, they along with other bird species can be an overwhelming sight at relatively untouched sanctuaries such as this one on Isla Genovesa in the Galapagos.  Though it looks upside down, I shot this pretty much straight up from under a cliff overhang while dodging those little white bombs raining down.

He didn’t specify whether this photo was taken with Glass (and based on the comments, others are wondering the same thing), but given that he seems to be wearing the device all the time, it seems fairly possible.

Either way, Brin has ben posting quite a few interesting photos to his Google+ account. Here are some other recent shots he has shared (not necessarily taken with Google Glass):

Sergey Brin

It is hard to appreciate how vast this world is until you travel to a remote corner and watch your wings take off without you.  I was lucky to catch this shot when the plane I had just been on flew off to escape just before sunset.

If you have travelled somewhere remote, how did you feel when your transportation left you?

Sergey Brin

This year has offered a lot of new cameras for photo enthusiasts. One of my favorites — the new Sony NEX-7 packs great image quality in a package far smaller than the typical DSLR. Even with the mondo 18-200 lens, I was able to take this on a ski trip that I would not have brought a full size camera. I came back with a lot of stunning sharp 24 megapixel images. This is one of my favorites.

Favorite photos (10 photos)

Sergey Brin

Edward, 72, lives by himself on an otherwise uninhabited island. His diet consists mostly of conch and fish as well as some vegetables from a small garden. Lean and muscular, he looks healthier than most people I know in their twenties.

Favorite photos (8 photos)

Sergey Brin

Few landscapes in the world are as surreal as deserts. You may think this photo is heavily edited but it is straight out of the camera.

To get this shot, I climbed onto a concrete wall in the middle of the night, balanced the camera on the edge (the blur on the bottom … sorry), and fired a 30 second exposure.

Even though it was moonlit, the sky was so clear that you can almost make out the nebula in Orion's dagger.

Favorite photos (7 photos)

Sergey Brin

After a long day at the office …

Favorite photos (6 photos)

Sergey Brin

You might think that this is a macro shot but in fact there just are really big bugs in the south pacific (perhaps someone can identify it). This one landed on a table near me and all I had on me was a wide (35mm) lens. But I got as close as I dared, and with a little crop, here is the result.

Note this is my first try at posting from Picasa as the latest version now has native Google+ support.

Favorite photos (5 photos)

Sergey Brin

Taken in the state of majestic landscapes. I have been there twice and have been awed both times by the scenery and I certainly plan to visit again.

We turned around at this point on the hike because it was just a short day trip but it was very tempting to continue on into the wilderness.

Update: As a few of you have mentioned this is Alaska — vast and scenic. Congrats to +Michael N.+John Hawkins+Cyrus Murphy and +Lyndsey Kleppin .

Sergey Brin

You may think I captured this image of a "dragon" in a far off land but in fact it was very close to home. Let me know where you think this is and as always I appreciate feedback on the photo. I'll update the post later today with the story.

Update: First of all, no this is not +Larry Page when he is grumpy.
As many of you pointed out it is in fact a giraffe. And as a few people guessed or deduced the location is
Safari West in Santa Rosa —
This was actually my second time there in a long time. We spent the night in one of their tent cabins and in the morning we took a walk among the animals. It was a bit dreary before the fog burned off (many of you guessed sf for that reason) so I was ambivalent about bothering to lug around the big 28-300 lens. In fact I wasn't very satisfied with the light as I got some giraffe closeups. But as we headed off toward the rhinos I took one last look back, embraced the foreboding atmosphere, and caught this fortuitous pose.

To give credit where it is due +Chris Connelly got the location first followed by +Igor Shevlyakov+David Andersen+Janet Rae-Dupree+Dinesh Nandan+Joe Foos+Tetsu Noguchi+Gabe Norwood+Barry Ross+Ted Martin+Matson Breakey

For photo buffs, I like the 28-300 for its versatility but it is heavy. In this shot you can also see some chromatic aberration along the giraffe's neck which is a bit surprising.

Sergey Brin

Floating over the San Francisco Bay, it is hard to miss the amazing colors of the salt evaporation ponds at the southern tip. Depending on the salinity level of a particular pond, the color can vary from green to orange to red based on the ecosystem that flourishes at that concentration.

As you can probably guess, I took this shot from an airship. Since getting to know the folks over at, I have had the pleasure of flying with them several times and this loop in the south bay is arguably the most scenic. I will probably give it another go when they get back to SF in October.

Sergey Brin

I recently found an old flash card that I had misplaced and came across this shot. We were staying at a lodge in the Okavango Delta. Our guide had phenomenal vision and spotted something stirring under a tree perhaps two miles away.

When we drove there, we found this cheetah resting in the shade. His expression and the calming background were a magical view of the world's fastest hunter.

Sergey Brin

Here is another set of Egypt photos. This country has lots of natural beauty — underwater is no exception.

I shot these with a 5D II in an Ikelite housing with a 35 1.4 lens.

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