Read Your Customer’s Digital Body Language, Boost Sales!

It’s no secret that personalized marketing can solidify brand loyalty, improve customer experience, and boost profit margins. In fact, one recent study showed that persuasive personalization can...
Read Your Customer’s Digital Body Language, Boost Sales!
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It’s no secret that personalized marketing can solidify brand loyalty, improve customer experience, and boost profit margins. In fact, one recent study showed that persuasive personalization can have a positive impact on revenue by as much as 15 percent.

However, personalization is a challenge in itself. Traditional marketing would make use of what the shopper bought and their body language, but that’s not so straightforward with eCommerce as the decision-making process is different when consumers buy online.

What is Digital Body Language?

It’s a fact that most people use their feelings more than logic when they make purchasing decisions. This means that marketers can’t just rely on what customers bought in the past since there’s often no logical or repeatable pattern to reference. Instead, they’ll need to have a better understanding of the customer’s state of mind.

A more effective strategy is to look into the shopper’s digital body language. This refers to the amalgamation of signals and digital gestures made by consumers, like taps, scrolls, zooms, and the movement of the mouse. In short, it’s how people behave on social media, websites, emails, etc. For instance, how many times they post on a social media platform, what platform they usually use, how many times they visit a site and what they click on when they’re at a specific website.

Digital body language is a good way of discerning patterns and can help in understanding a shopper’s mindset and behavior. Marketers can measure this data objectively and learn where the client is in their shopping journey, what products they’re interested in and even when they should be sent a sales offer.

How to Boost Sales With Digital Body Language

Internet users always leave a trail of their actions online. As a marketer, you canĀ use that trail to your advantage. Digital body language can give you a broad overview of your demographic. For instance, you can track the popularity of each page on your website to find out what content your customer’s like. Meanwhile, your customer’s location will give you an idea where to concentrate your efforts. The more data you accumulate, the more you can improve your sales.

Determine if the Shopper is a Good Lead

If a consumer has visited your site, cookies or a tracking software will tell you how many times they visited, the dates and time, and even what pages they went to. If the shopper visited your site several times a month, then you know they’re interested in your brand and are potentially a good lead.

Improve Your Website Design

A consumer’s digital language can also give you ideas on how to improve your website. If the visitor is taking their time browsing your product page, it could mean that they’re interested in what they’re seeing. A slow scroll down the page can also mean the visitor is invested in what they’re reading.

However, a visitor clicking on your page several times in rapid succession could mean they’re confused or frustrated. Perhaps they’re expecting something more interactive or they’re looking for something specific and can’t find it. The same goes for rapid scrolling. The customer might be navigating from page to page because they’re confused with the layout. This type of behavior can tell you what pages you can improve.

Provide Real-Time Response

Once you have a good grasp of your customer’s digital body language, you can work on providing them with a more humanized and positive customer experience in real time. Banners, pop-ups, recommended content, and customized call-to-action buttons are good examples of real-time responses.

Live chat is also an effective response to a shopper’s digital body language. For instance, if the prospective client is hovering their mouse over a button, it could mean that they’re hesitant or confused. It’s the perfect time for a chatbot to appear and offer help or even recommend a product or deal.

Digitalization is the Future

You can’t stop digitalization, especially now that they are means to understand shopper’s online behavior and emotions. While the majority of your site’s visitors are likely to be anonymous, you can tailor your site to read their digital body language. This will help you collect vital information about them, like what time is the best to send an email or whether they will be interested in a webinar or white paper. It will also help you build a good relationship with current and prospective clients.

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