iPhone 5C: Welcome to the Apple Family

On September 10, Apple Inc. will introduce two new iPhone models. The iPhone 5S, the high end phone and the iPhone 5C, with plastic packaging, aka “The Budget iPhone.” The rumored release ...
iPhone 5C: Welcome to the Apple Family
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On September 10, Apple Inc. will introduce two new iPhone models. The iPhone 5S, the high end phone and the iPhone 5C, with plastic packaging, aka “The Budget iPhone.” The rumored release date is September 20. According to the Apple employee calendar, employees were unable to take time off between September 15 to September 28. T-Mobile also limited their employees vacation days between September 18 through September 22. Verizon did not comment when asked about blackout dates for employees. But, Apple and Verizon stores are preparing for a busy iPhone 5S release.

The drive behind the iPhone 5C is to offer an iPhone to people who are currently Apple’s untouched markets, the lower income brackets, including China and India. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has made visits to the largest telecommunications carrier in the world, China Mobile Ltd., with over 703 million subscribers. Coincidence? I think not. If Apple is able to create a cheaper iPhone, they can make a deal with China Mobile.

Here’s some features to be unveiled on September 10:

1. We finally have a choice of color! What?! It will likely be available in five “candy” colors: red, green, yellow, blue, and white. Basically pastels. The alleged photos show a black front face on all models, regardless of rear color, but it will likely be different for the white colored shell. Heck, sources are even predicting color front-face options when it is released.

2. It will likely be that the iPhone 5C will have the same specs as the iPhone 5, with the 326 ppi Retina display, an A6 chip, a FaceTime HD camera and an 8-megapixel rear side camera. Rumors have predicted a faster processor and better Retina display. The 8-megapixel camera has already been rumored to have been on the leaked photos of the iPhone 5C. The aluminum shelled iPhone 5S will come with a dual-LED flash, which is meant to capture naturally looking pictures. A fingeprint sensor meant for user security is predicted be included on the device, after Apple purchased Authentec.

3. The new iPhone 5C will come pre-loaded with iOS 7. This system will be released most likely on September 18, a few days before the new phone. Though the actual hardware typically gains more attention, the new iOS system is just as important. Apple has revamped the style, making changes to icons, textures, and features of the iOS system to bring a familiar, yet, new experience. This of course comes with a variety of new tools and features.
The coolest features include :
– the revamped Control Center that allows quick access to more important settings.
– a way to Multitask apps.
– the AirDrop feature for sharing pics and documents with other iPhones in your area.
– the ability to shift the background image in response to one’s movements.

Some surprise features were discovered in the very first iOS 7 beta release.

4. Plastic – This is a major difference from previous iPhones. This is cheaper, but sturdier and more scratch proof than the iPhone 5 anodized aluminum body. Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge editor-in-chief spoke in January that the iPhone being a love child between the existing iPhone 5, the 5th Generation iPod Touch and the iPod classic. They’re going old school and I like it. The iPhone 5S features a 4-inch screen like the iPhone 5, with a tapered bottom like the 5th Generation iPod touch, and the rectangular shape inspired by the iPod classic. The iPhone 5C will be made mostly of plastic, but also manufactures with a hybrid plastic and metal chassis. The same locations of the camera, microphone of the iPhone 5, but the rear flash similar to the iPod touch.

5. It will be cheap. (That’s what she said.) This selling point was the driving point behind the new exterior shell. On-contract: $99. Off-contract: between $450 and $500 (via MacRumors).

The iPhone 4S from 2011 may sell for the same price of the plastic iPhone 5C at $0 on-contract. Apple may eliminate the iPhone 5 from the iPhone family altogether, or drop its price to $99. But perhaps it won’t be discontinued yet, due to having the same specs. The iPhone 4 after being on the market this long, may be endangered.

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