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EA’s 2012 E3 Press Conference: FIFA 13, Dead Space 3

EA has a lot to prove this year. They need to fix customer loyalty and bring back the fans they lost by messing up games like they did with Battlefield 3. Let’s all hope that EA can pick up thei...
EA’s 2012 E3 Press Conference: FIFA 13, Dead Space 3
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  • EA has a lot to prove this year. They need to fix customer loyalty and bring back the fans they lost by messing up games like they did with Battlefield 3. Let’s all hope that EA can pick up their game and turn into a respectable company again.

    It is beginning:

    – Dead Space 3: The game is going to feature co-op for the first time. The co-op is also drop in drop out. It looks like it will be a great addition to the Dead Space franchise. The preview features a lot of co-op battle and shows scenes from the outdoor level on an alien planet. Kind of look like Lost Planet now. It is being released in February of 2013.

    – Now it is time for Madden NFL 13. They are showing a great speech by Ray Lewis who has become somewhat of a great motivational speaker. The game features a new Infinity Engine. The Infinity Engine has the ability to run multiple scenarios so each collision does not look the same. The revamped engine is looking like it will really impact the way the game is played. It gives the game the ability to read the plays and for the physics to change on the fly. Makes it so a smaller player can no longer run over a larger player. The game also features social media integration.

    – Maxis is out now with a Sim City game for Facebook called Sim City Social. They are also here to promote the newest Sim City called “Sim City.” They are lauding the fact that this is the first SIm City to feature multiplayer where the things you do will effect the other players around you. It looks beautiful and as a Sim City fan, I can’t wait.

    – DICE is up with Battlefield 3! 1.6 trillion bullets have been fired! There are over 15 million players having played this game. They are out to promote the previously announced Battlefield 3 Premium. Motorcycles are coming in March for you Beefers out there! It is available today for $49.99 on the PS3, and next week for the PC and Xbox 360.

    – Next up is Bioware with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Over 1 million players were playing on day 1 but what can they do since they are bleeding players? They are adding more PvP war zones and adding Hardcore modes. They are also adding more species and a new planet. No mention of a F2P version coming but in July you can play the game up to level 15 for free!

    – Medal of Honor: Warfighter is up next. The first game’s multiplayer was designed by DICE. The new game doesn’t have the same developer for multiplayer but does feature Battlefield 3’s Frostbite 2.0 engine. It looks great but so did the first game. The problem with the first game is that it was like Battlefield light, it will be interesting to see if they can find their own foothold on the FPS market.

    – EA Sports is out now to promote Madden NFL Social. You can start the game on FB and finish it on your phone. EA is doing NBA again! Interesting that they are getting back into it after being out a year. Now to the biggest sports game in the world FIFA 13. EA considers FIFA games to be Soccers social network. With 5 million replays of Man City’s victory over QPR, it’s pretty safe to say their right. FIFA 13 will have carry over EXP from FIFA 12. You can earn money now for kits and boots. You can also get an iOS app to keep you connected to FIFA Football Club. Messi is on the cover of the new game. FIFA 13 is the 20th game in this franchise.

    – New UFC game is next. Dana White is out to talk about the game. EA and the UFC will now have a multi year, multi game deal going. Dana White reminds me of a lamer version of Vince McMahon.

    – Criterion Games is out now with the new Need For Speed game titled “Need For Speed: Most Wanted.” It is a shame that they aren’t being allowed to make another Burnout game. At least it will be an open world game. The map of this game look eerily similar to that of Burnout Paradise. The game is definitely a Need For Speed game. Cheese factor of 10. It comes out on October 30th of this year.

    – Crytek is out with Crysis 3. The game is built with the Cryengine 3 and it looks great. It has a cool open world feel even though it has a definite path to follow. It looks like a great game!

    So all in all a very underwhelming performance. They had a huge announcement of a new NBA game that they just casually mentioned and they should have played the Dead Space 3 co-op card a little more. No new Mirror’s Edge, no new Burnout game, but all in all good because it was predictable.

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