Duggar Fans Rally Behind Show with #IStandWithTheDuggars Hashtag

Fans of 19 Kids and Counting are not likely to let their show go without a fight. There was always something a little icky about Honey Boo Boo and her redneck clan. But the Duggars have been held up a...
Duggar Fans Rally Behind Show with #IStandWithTheDuggars Hashtag
Written by Mike Tuttle

Fans of 19 Kids and Counting are not likely to let their show go without a fight. There was always something a little icky about Honey Boo Boo and her redneck clan. But the Duggars have been held up as paragons of moral purity, especially by other people who like to be held up as paragons of moral purity. Because kissing you fiancé is just wrong.

So when Josh Duggar and his family issued statements confirming that he had indeed “made mistakes” — as the Duggar family calls molesting five girls — the paragon crowd leaned in.

But now TLC has pulled all the schedule rerun episodes of 19 Kids and Counting, but have so far stopped short of canceling the series entirely. There is even talk of carrying on without Josh Duggar, since the greatest interest in the show now seems to be the girls. The ones he molested.

But fans are having none of it. They have taken to comment boxes and Twitter apps to let their rage be known. The hashtag #IStandWithTheDuggars is trending.

I don’t think its right that Josh and his family are being punished now for something he did as a 14yr.old…..I thought juvenile records were sealed.

Love this show, love this family! To pull this show is beyond stupidity. Over something that happened years ago? People who watch this show are not going to stop watching because of something Josh did when he was 15. Are you at TLC so perfect? Josh, I don’t know you, but support you 1000%!

I think it would be a mistake to cancel the show. No family or no human being is without sin. Most 14or 15 year old boys are curious about sex and the female body. That does not make them a molester.

HOW DARE TLC DO THIS?! This was a private family matter that happen years ago and was dealt with privately!! Josh and the entire family have put it behind them and thrived so how can TLC have the right to do this? I WILL NO LONGER WATCH TLC UNTIL THE DUGGARS ARE PUT BACK ON THE AIR!! ****FANS WE MUST CONTACT TLC AND LET THEM KNOW WE WILL BOYCOTT TLC UNTIL 19 KIDS ARE PUT BACK ON THE AIR!!**** Praying for this wonderful family.

I want to encourage you and let you know that there are people who still love you and support you! Thank you for living life according to your Christian convictions, America needs more families like the Duggars! I hope that TLC will decide to air your show in the future.

The family should not have to deal again with something they dealt with many years ago. The Duggars set a high standard for themselves and their reality is much better than other stuff being down on TV.

Fully supporting the family and praying for them and all at TLC. Praying for peace and guidance for the best decision to be made. Please keep this blog going to keep us up to date, it’s hard to trust just anybody with this since so many dislike the Duggars.

Why are you folks at TLC so dumb? Why not use this unfortunate situation as a teaching moment. Many parents and children could learn what to do and not to do if faced with a similar situation. As far as I am concerned I enjoy watching the Duggars and hope you will continue airing their show. I can forgive Josh by praying for him and I will pray harder for the victims. Keep the Duggars.

Wouldn’t you be better off showing the strength of the family and the counseling efforts etc versus pulling the rug out from under their whole family. I know they will survive without TLC as they are a strong family unit but can TLC say they will survive with such a judgemental decision and the loss of countless viewers of their network as of this decision. Prayers to the family. I for one will not continue to watch TLC network.

Someone is playing dirty against the Duggars on something that happen 12 years ago and was dealt with at that time. The Duggars have lots of fans and I bet if the show gets canceled most of these people including myself will never watch anything on TLC again.

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