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Amazon May Be Working On An AI-Powered Web Browser
Amazon may be looking to disrupt the web browser market with an AI-powered entry in what could be a major threat to established players....
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iOS 16.4 Brings ‘Web Push,’ Enables Web App Push Notification
The first beta of iOS 16.4 has been released, bringing a major new feature in the form of push notifications for web apps....
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Prepare for Less Political Ads in Your Gmail Inbox
Google is ending a controversial pilot program and will stop exempting political ads from automatic spam filters, a move that will delight and anger....
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Microsoft Services Recovering From An Hours-Long Outage
Microsoft services appear to be working after an hours-long outage that impacted Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Teams....
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Google Claims 60% of the Internet is Duplicate Content
For those who think the internet is an endless realm of unique information, Google's latest report is a big disappointment....
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Adobe CEO: Pandemic Was Inflection Point For Everything Being Digital
Shantanu Narayen, Chairman and CEO of Adobe, discusses how the pandemic has created another "inflection point" in the move toward digital transformati...
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Mozilla Releases Firefox Translation, a Local, Non-Cloud Extension
Mozilla has released a local, non-cloud translation extension, Firefox Translation, providing a private and secure alternative....
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Al Gore-Backed Website Tracks Worst Climate Offenders
A new website is designed to shed light on the worst climate offenders and polluters throughout the world....
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Gmail Integrated View Will Become Standard by End of November
Google has announced that its "integrated view" will become the standard at the end of the month, with no option to switch back....
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Google Cloud Launches Blockchain Node Engine for Web3 Development
Google Cloud has launched Blockchain Node Engine to help developers with Web3 development....
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Google Workspace Individual Accounts Are Getting a Big Storage Upgrade
Google is giving Workspace Individual accounts a major upgrade, adding additional storage, mail merge, and new regions....
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Google Emails Indict the Company in Chrome Incognito Trial
Google’s legal defense in a privacy lawsuit has taken a major hit thanks to emails proving the company knowingly tracked user data....
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Google Moves Back Its Execution Date for Third-Party Cookies to 2024
Google has announced it will not stop supporting third-party cookies in Chrome until at least 2024 amid pushback over its proposals....
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Googlebot Will Index the First 15MB of a Webpage
Google has clarified how its Googlebot ranks pages, saying it will automatically index the first 15MB of a page....
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Tips for Hiring a Top-Notch Web Developer
Chances are, you're in the market for a web developer, but where do you start? Read on for tips for hiring a top-notch web developer below....
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Goodbye and Good Riddance: Internet Explorer Is Officially History
Microsoft has officially retired Internet Explorer, ending support for the web browser that was instrumental in helping the company defeat Netscape....
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Apple’s Safari Tops 1 Billion Users, Still Distant Second to Chrome
Apple's Safari is now the second most popular browser on the market, with more than 1 billion users, although it still comes in a distant second to Go...
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Top Websites Capture Email and Passwords — Without You Clicking ‘Submit’
New research shows that some of the world's top websites collect data — including emails and passwords — from forms even if the user does not clic...
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Brave and DuckDuckGo Push Back Against Google AMP
Brave and DuckDuckGo are pushing back against Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), bypassing the technology in their browsers and apps....
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Open Web Advocacy Is Taking On #AppleBrowserBan
A new organization is trying to challenge Apple, calling for the company to allow third-party browser engines on iOS....
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