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Oracle Releases Java 20
Oracle has released Java 20, the latest Feature Release on the company's six-month update cycle....
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Learn Linux TV Releases Ubuntu Flatpak Remix Distro
Jay from the Learn Linux TV YouTube channel has released an Ubuntu-based distro built around Flatpaks....
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Linux Distro Reviews: openSUSE Tumbleweed — Part 2
openSUSE Tumbleweed is a rolling release Linux distro, one that is something of a two-edged sword in terms of its features and usability....
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Apple’s Mac App Store Rejected ‘Untitled Goose Game’
‘Untitled Goose Game,’ the popular macOS game by Panic, was rejected by Apple's Mac App Store reviewers — twice....
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Yes, Nvidia’s Latest Driver Is Causing CPU Spikes
Nvidia's latest GeForce driver is the culprit in CPU spikes users have been experiencing after playing 3D games....
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openSUSE Begins Enforcing Secure Boot Kernel Lockdown
Linux distro openSUSE has begun enforcing Kernel Lockdown when Secure Boot is enabled, creating issues for many users....
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Ubuntu Flavors Drop OOTB Flatpak Support
Ubuntu has made yet another controversial decision, dropping out-of-the-box (OOTB) support for Flatpak apps....
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Linux Kernel 6.2 Is Out and Brings Apple M1 Support
Linux kernel 6.2 has been released, bringing support for the M1 processor, Apple's Custom Silicon that powers its Mac computers....
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Google Has Abandoned Fastlane App Automation Tool
Google appears to have abandoned yet another project, with the open-source Fastlane app automation tool the latest in a long list....
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Google May Add Telemetry to the Go Programming Language
Google is once again in the midst of a privacy controversy, with a proposal to add telemetry to the Go programming language....
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Proposed Patch Would Disable Linux CPU Security Mitigations at Compilation
Debian developer Breno Leitao has proposed a Linux kernel patch that would allow developers to disable CPU security mitigations at compilation....
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Sergey Brin Is Coding at Google Again in ‘Code Red’ AI Effort
After years of absence, Sergey Brin is once again back at Google and has just submitted his first code request....
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Google Is Raising Its Bug Bounty Payouts
Google is raising its bug bounty program for fuzz testing, with the maximum payout now $30,000....
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Twitter Is Killing Its Free API, Will Charge Devs February 9
Twitter's controversial decisions under owner Elon Musk just keep on coming, with the platform killing off its free developer API....
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Microsoft Is Reworking File Explorer to Better Match Windows 11
Microsoft is reportedly reworking File Explorer to make it better match the rest of the Windows 11 aesthetic and features....
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OpenSnitch Application Firewall Coming to Debian
Popular application firewall Opensnitch is coming to Debian, one of the oldest and most popular Linux distributions (distros)....
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Capital One Eliminates 1,100 Tech Jobs
Capital One has eliminated 1,100 agile tech jobs, part of its "overall tech transformation."...
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Twitter Officially Changes TOS to Ban Third-Party Clients
Twitter has finally broke its silence — sort of — on why third-party clients are not working, changing its TOS to ban them....
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SourceForge Issue Led to Visibility Problems for Open Source Projects
SourceForge appeared to be having some issues Thursday, with download links for a number of open source projects disappearing....
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CNET Uses ChatGPT to Write Articles, Runs Into Major Issues
Tech website CNET tried to use ChatGPT to write articles, but the quality and accuracy left much to be desired....
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