Colombia Bans 5G iPhones

Apple has been dealt a major blow in Columbia as the country bans the sale of 5G iPhones....
Colombia Bans 5G iPhones
Written by Matt Milano

Apple has been dealt a major blow in Colombia as the country bans the sale of 5G iPhones.

Apple and Ericsson have been locked in a patent dispute over 5G technology. According to Digital Trends, a judge in Bogotá has sided with Ericsson and imposed a strict ban on the iPhone.

Under the terms of the ruling, Apple is not allowed to sell or import any iPhone containing 5G technology. The ban is in effect despite the fact that Colombia has no 5G network. What’s more, Apple cannot advertise or promote its 5G phones in-country, which includes the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, as well as the iPad Pro with 5G.

The judge also restricted Apple’s ability to seek an antisuit injunction. As a result, Apple is suing Ericsson in Texas for the economic damage it’s suffering in Colombia, meaning this is a complicated mess of a legal situation.

Apple and Ericsson have been at odds since Apple failed to renew its licensing agreement with Ericsson over the latter’s patents. Apple maintains that, since Ericsson’s patents are standards-essential, they fall under friendly, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms, which limit a company’s ability to charge an exorbitant price for licensing.

Only time will tell which company will prevail in the long-term, but the Colombian ruling is a significant early loss for Apple.

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