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Google Wants Employees to Share a Desk
Google is taking an unusual approach to bringing people back to the office, asking them to share a desk....
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Amazon Wants Employees In-Office Three Days a Week
Amazon has informed employees that they must return to the office three days a week, reversing a previous remote work policy....
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DocuSign Is Laying Off 10% of Its Staff
DocuSign has filed paperwork with the SEC indicating it plans to lay off 10% of its employees, or roughly 700 individuals....
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Woman Ordered to Repay Her Employer for ‘Time Theft’
A woman has been ordered to repay her employer after it was discovered that she misrepresented the amount of time she worked....
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Snap to Require Employees In-Office in February
Snap appears to be doing an about-face on remote work, requiring the majority of employees in-office in February....
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Remote Challenges and Technology Solutions
Remote work is here to stay and will require new technology solutions to get the job done. See more below....
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Elon Musk Kills Remote Work at Twitter
The changes at Twitter keep on rolling in, with new boss Elon Musk killing off remote work in an email to staff....
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Zoom Is Coming to a Tesla Near You
Tesla and Zoom are working together to bring video conferencing to the automaker's vehicles....
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Federal Employees Want More Remote Work Options
Federal employees want more remote work options amid an economy that has increasingly embraced remote work....
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Snap Closing Its San Francisco Offices Amid the Move to Remote Work
Snap’s latest move is bad news for San Francisco as the company is closing its 33,000-square-foot offices....
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United Airlines CEO Credits Hybrid Work With Buoying Airline Industry
While many executives are not a fan of hybrid work, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby sees it as a boon for the airline industry....
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Amazon Wants Call Center Employees to Work From Home So It Can Close Offices
Amazon is bucking a trend among some of the biggest tech companies, urging its call center employees to work from home....
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For Americans, Remote Work = Living the Dream
A new poll indicates that two out of five Americans are living the dream, thanks to remote work....
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Tesla in Trouble Over Misguided Return-to-Office Policies
Tesla is in turmoil over return-to-office (RTO) policies that don't reflect the realities the company and its employees are facing....
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The ‘Great Resignation’ Is Taking a Major Toll and Changing the Workplace
The "Great Resignation" continues to take a major toll on companies and their return-to-office (RTO) plans but is benefiting a key demographic....
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Google Follows Microsoft in Restricting Business Travel
Google is following Microsoft's lead, restricting business travel for all but the most important circumstances....
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Apple Employees Once Again Push Back Against Apple RTO Plans
Apple employees are once again pushing back against the company's return-to-office plans (RTO)....
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Apple Requires Employees In the Office Three Days a Week
Apple has resumed its return-to-office (RTO) efforts, telling corporate employees they need to be in the office three days a week....
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AT&T Employees Push Back Against Return-to-Office Plans
AT&T employees are pushing back against the company's return-to-office (RTO) plans, saying they can do their work just fine from home....
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California, Texas, and New York Are the Best States for Remote Work
A new report sheds light on the state of remote work, with California, Texas, and New York topping the list of remote work states....
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