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Google Claims 60% of the Internet is Duplicate Content
For those who think the internet is an endless realm of unique information, Google's latest report is a big disappointment....
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TrenDemon CEO: We Connect Content Marketing to Sales
The CEO of TrenDemon, Avishai Sharon, says that they created their cloud-based software solution in order to help companies prove that the marketing c...
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Adobe CEO: Pandemic Was Inflection Point For Everything Being Digital
Shantanu Narayen, Chairman and CEO of Adobe, discusses how the pandemic has created another "inflection point" in the move toward digital transformati...
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COVID Accelerated Digital Transformation, Says DocuSign CEO
We have seen significant acceleration since the COVID-19 pandemic, says DocuSign CEO Dan Springer. A significant portion of that (increase) was due to...
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WordPress VIP Buying to Increase Enterprise Analytics
WordPress VIP (WPVIP), Automattic’s enterprise subsidiary, is buying to provide enterprise clients with content analytics....
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How Do You Measure the Success of a Content-Driven Marketing Strategy?
The three things that I look at are awareness, engagement, and advocacy. The first thing you would want to do in building a content marketing strategy...
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Internet Companies Launch Initiative In Support of Section 230
Some of the most prominent internet companies have formed the Internet Works coalition to promote Section 230, a key internet law. Section 230 of the ...
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Taboola – Outbrain Merger Falls Apart
The world's two leading companies in the discovery & native advertising industry will remain fierce competitors in what still is a chaotic and unpredi...
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Qualtrics IPO Is A Win-Win, Says SAP CEO
Just twenty short months after SAP announced their intention of acquiring Qualtrics for $8 billion just prior to their IPO SAP is taking Qualtrics pub...
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New AI-Powered Email Capabilities Released Into Salesforce Marketing Cloud
“We're making email marketing even smarter with a set of new AI capabilities getting released into Salesforce Marketing Cloud,” says Salesforce VP...
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Sparrho CEO: Using Augmented Intelligence to Build Trust in Brands
The CEO of Sparrho says that their approach which combines artificial intelligence and 400,000 Ph.D.’s delivers scientific data to companies helping...
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The Need to Transform is Front and Center for Every C-Level Executive, Says Adobe CEO
“When people look at what's happening with Amazon trying to get into their businesses, the need to transform is also front and center for every c-le...
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Adobe Brings Adobe Experience Manager To The Cloud
Adobe has been moving its software to the cloud for years, but the company announced it is finally brining one of its last holdouts to the cloud: Adob...
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The Agreement Cloud Is Going To Be The Next Big Cloud, Says DocuSign CEO
The new cloud opportunity that we see is in the Agreement Cloud, says DocuSign CEO Dan Springer. It is going to be the next big cloud because we think...
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How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy (And Stick to It)
The first step to developing a content marketing strategy is to determine your company's objective. In other words, you'll need to have an end goal....
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If It’s a Streaming War We’d Like To Be an Arms Dealer, Says IAC CEO
“If it's a streaming war we'd like to be an arms dealer,” says IAC CEO Joey Levin. “We want to send the product and services to people who are m...
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Why Vertical Videos are Now Essential to Growing Your Brand
There’s no doubt about it, video is the most powerful medium for marketing today. Research has shown that 75 million people in the US watch videos o...
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AWS CEO Announces Textract to Extract Data Without Machine Learning Skills
AWS CEO Andy Jassy announced Amazon Textract at the AWS re:Invent 2018 conference. Textract allows AWS customers to automatically extract formatted da...
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5 User-Generated Content Campaigns Your Brand Can Learn From
These days, shoppers are less impressed with celebrities and gurus telling them what to buy and prefer content that’s generated by their fellow ...
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How to Use Reddit to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Boost Your Sales
If you aren’t familiar with Reddit, your first visit to the website may feel a bit intimidating. Not only does it have the appearance of an old-...
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